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Loukoumi Ouzo 200g

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Greek Delights with a distinctive Ouzo flavour.

Loukoumi is the Greek name for what is called “Turkish delight” in English. It is a traditional sweet, low in calorie, made of 3 simple ingredients: sugar, water and starch. Loukoumia (the plural of loukoumi) come in the shape of small cubes covered with powdered sugar, have a chewy texture and are available in several different flavours. They are traditionally served along with Greek coffee.

Loukoumi travelled from Istanbul to Greece sometime in the early 19th century and very quickly became a significant part of Greek gastronomic and social culture. The word “loukoumi” originates from the Arabic language meaning “throat comfort”. Greeks often use the word “loukoumi” to describe something delicious in general, whether it is a nicely roasted and soft bite of meat or a beautiful woman.

These ouzo flavoured pillowy bites from KANDYLAS based on an old generation recipe from 1927 will make your day sweeter.

May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.

Further information on allergens can be provided if required after contacting us.

Keep in a cool and dry place.