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Water Sweet (Ypovrihio) - Vanilla 400g 1
Water Sweet (Ypovrihio) - Vanilla 400g 2
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Water Sweet (Ypovrihio) Vanilla 400g

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Traditional Greek Water Sweet in vanilla flavour.

One of the simplest yet wonderful traditional Greek desserts that is childishly fun to eat!

Greeks will immediately recognise this old time classic traditional sweet and it will put a warm smile on their faces. Whoever did not grow up in Greece, though, will probably think: “What on earth is that?”.

The Ypovrihio which literally translates into “submarine” is made of only three basic ingredients: water, sugar, and confectioner’s glucose. The ingredients are combined in a mixer resulting in a light and fluffy sugary paste. That’s the base. Most water sweets or “submarine” sweets are then flavoured with natural or artificial flavourings. The most classic flavours are vanilla and mastiha (mastic gum).

It’s a simple and refreshing dessert with a chewy texture that melts in your mouth.

Take a spoonful of the water sweet and dip it into a glass of cold water to chill. The longer it stays, the colder and softer it gets. You then take it out of the water, put the whole spoonful in your mouth and let it cool your mouth and soul. Then you return the spoon back into the cold water to cool again. You repeat this until the water sweet has vanished. To finish, you can drink the sweet and flavoured water afterwards.

Don’t let the high sugar content scare you. Really, when you consider it, it’s only a teaspoon!

Traditionally served with a cup of Greek coffee. You can also use it as a topping for cakes and biscuits. Why not try making double vanilla cupcakes with this Vanilla Water Sweet from Kandylas!

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Keep in a cool and dry place. Ready to eat.

Further information on allergens can be provided if required after contacting us.