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About us


Magazaki with Meràki

Bouzouki sounds crackle across the transistor radio, an acoustic embrace overlaid with warm salutations of “Kalimera” (good morning). Overflowing linen sacks fat with aromatic oregano, herbs and spices occupy the mosaic floor and sit vibrantly framed by colourful products which line the overhead shelves. A broad smile from the pantopòlis greets as you browse...welcome to the Greek Magazaki!

About Greek Magazaki

Magazaki means ‘’wee shop’’ but it is so much more. It is the home of thalporì (warmness of heart) and tradition. Growing up in Greece it was the place where we met the world as our parents filled their baskets with local produce. It’s where we dragged our grannies to buy us ice-cream and later a place in which we put the world to rights with friends over freshly brewed coffee and golden baklava. Our Greek Magazaki is not only about food. It is about a love of tradition, memories, connection to our homeland and the desire to share the richness of Greek gastronomy with the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In doing so we support small local suppliers who produce with “meràki” (a Mediterranean way of being which takes pride in process, produces with love and savours the little things in life). Come explore our magazaki and live the good Greek life!

About us

We are two friends, Stratos and Haris who met while studying in Northern Ireland over a decade ago. We fell in love with Northern Ireland, the beautiful rugged landscapes, the warmth of the locals and their relaxed way of life. As we settled into our new lives there was however one thing we all desperately missed, Greek food.

We established weekly cooking rituals where we would share our treasured rations brought from home. This time spent cooking and eating Greek food together strengthened our bonds and became the space where our two worlds seamlessly interconnected. Over these meals we’d share memories, news updates from home and also chat and help each other as we navigated our new lives in Northern Ireland. Looking back it was in these rituals that we established a family of our own. Greek food also helped us enormously in forming lasting friendships with people met through studies, sports and work. We really loved cooking for new friends, introducing our food culture and sharing with them the experience of a healthy, tasty Mediterranean lifestyle.

Our trips home became not only an opportunity to reconnect but also importantly to restock. Suitcases stuffed with olive oil, trahana, hilopites and delicious sweets, little tastes of home which would sustain us until our next trip. We soon realised there would never be a suitcase big enough to carry what we needed and it was from this realisation that the seeds of Greek Magazaki was sown.

Greek Magazaki is a bridge between our two worlds. It has been born with the aim of providing Greeks living far from home a chance to reconnect and maintain a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle while also bringing to a wider audience the opportunity to know, taste and experience the joy of Greek gastronomy.

It is our mission to become a one-stop shop for all your weekly groceries. This mission is a journey to which we are deeply committed and on which we ask for your continued support. This is only the beginning for Greek Magazaki and we look forward to serving you, from our family to yours.