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Trata Musky Octopus In Spicy Tomato Sauce 100g-Greek Magazaki

Musky Octopus In Spicy Tomato Sauce 100g

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  • A traditional Greek Seafood, fresh, delicious and tasty as an appetizer, salad or ready meal for your dinner table. Canned from fresh, it retains all its natural flavour and texture.
  • Fished in clear Greek waters of the Northern Aegean Sea, that allows them to develop properly made them known for their excellent, premium quality.
  • Octopus is considered highly nutritious fish because of their high content in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, of Proteins, Vitamins and low amounts of saturated fatty acids.
  • This tasty proposal is being completed with the addition of piquant tomato sauce with the escorting of herbs and exceptional quality white wine. Then packed into tin cans to ensure that the combination is tasty, will arrive unalterable to your table.
  • Try Musky Octopus in wine sauce and bring the taste of Greek summer to your table.

  • Further information on allergens can be provided if required after contacting us.