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Melichio Sesame Bar (Pasteli) - Aegina Pistachios 60g 1
Melichio Sesame Bar (Pasteli) - Aegina Pistachios 60g 2
Melichio Sesame Bar (Pasteli) - Aegina Pistachios 60g 3
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Melichio Sesame Bar (Pasteli) - Aegina Pistachios 60g

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Greek traditional energy bar with sesame seeds, honey, Aegina pistachio nuts and cinnamon.

Sesame seeds and honey were the main ingredients of a mixture that was created by the ancient Greeks to improve their well-being. This mixture in modern Greek is referred to as “pasteli”. Pasteli originated in Greece over 6,000 years ago.  The first pasteli consisted of only two ingredients, sesame seeds and honey. So simple! But it worked so well. 

Greek historian Herodotus lists pasteli as "both a delicacy and a benefit to somebody’s health".

It is referenced in Homer’s Iliad that the ancient Greeks used to eat this simple honey and sesame mixture to gain energy before a battle and withstand the physical demands of the war. A combination of honey and sesame was an important fuel for athletes during the original Olympic Games in 700 BC. This mixture is so old, that without doubt it can be called “The Original Energy Bar”. 

There is no question about the nutritional values of honey and sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are a rich source of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and contain healthy fats. Honey is fuelled with antioxidants and has been used as a natural preservative and sweetener for the last 8000 years. It is also an excellent source of energy. The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates would prescribe honey to fight fatigue!

Melichio Sesame Bar is based on a simple and traditional recipe that goes back to the first ascetic monks of the Holy Makariotissa Monastery who combined sesame seeds and honey to make a nutritious and healthy sweet that granted them longevity. Today, the finest handmade pasteli, made by Patrikon with respect to tradition, uses only the purest honey from Mount Helicon mixed with the highest quality wholesome sesame seeds and cinnamon known for its therapeutic properties.

This Melichio sesame bar with authentic Aegina pistachios is a true tasty treasure. The beneficial effects of Aegina pistachios are plenty. They can keep your heart healthy and help towards digestion and weight loss. They are also rich in vitamin E and with fewer calories than all other nuts.

With no additives and preservatives, this unique snack locks in all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. The healing effects of the honey combined with the beneficial properties of cinnamon, nutritious sesame seeds and valuable Aegina pistachios offer a unique taste experience.

Enjoy this valuable Greek superfood as a nutritious snack during the day, before the gym or after dinner along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 45%, Aegina pistachios 5%, honey 50%, cinnamon

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No Gluten. Vegetarian. Vegan.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Further information on allergens can be provided if required after contacting us.